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Ford - Cosmetic Repair Insurance

Discover the Car Care Plans Cosmetic Insurance product – an all-encompassing solution crafted to shield your vehicle's exterior from the wear and tear of daily life. Our Cosmetic Insurance is a comprehensive coverage designed to address the aesthetic aspects of your car, ensuring that minor damages and imperfections don't diminish its overall appearance.

From door dings and scratches to minor paint damage, our Cosmetic Insurance offers a safety net that allows you to maintain the pristine look of your vehicle. With this coverage, you can confidently navigate crowded parking lots and urban environments, knowing that your car's cosmetic appeal is protected.

In the event of a covered incident, Car Care Plan offers a straightforward claims process, allowing you to address cosmetic damages promptly and restore your vehicle's aesthetic charm. Elevate your driving experience by choosing Car Care Plan Cosmetic Insurance – where protection meets perfection. With our comprehensive coverage, you can confidently face the road, knowing that your vehicle's exterior is shielded against the challenges of everyday life.

Cosmetic repair insurance allows you to protect the appearance of their vehicle, avoiding high repair bills and protecting your no claims bonus. During the period of insurance, we will provide a cosmetic repair or where appropriate a touch-in repair to minor cosmetic damage to your vehicle.

What does minor cosmetic damage mean?

  1. A chip which is a chipped area on your vehicle, caused in a single incident, up to a maximum of 1.5cm in diameter or 3mm in depth.
  2. A damaged area caused in a single incident which contains a light scratch, minor dent or scuffed bumper, up to a maximum of 30cm in length or 3mm in depth.

T&Cs Apply as well as exclusions, please contact one of our showrooms for more information.

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Ford - Alloy Insurance

Introducing the Car Care Plan Alloy Insurance product – a comprehensive coverage designed to safeguard your vehicle's alloy wheels, ensuring peace of mind on every drive. Our Alloy Insurance goes beyond the standard warranties, offering protection against the financial burden of repairing or replacing damaged alloy wheels caused by various hazards encountered on the road.

Our Alloy Insurance covers a wide range of incidents, including pothole damage, curb scrapes, and other unforeseen road hazards that can compromise the integrity of your alloy wheels. This ensures that your vehicle maintains its aesthetic appeal and resale value, while you enjoy a smooth and worry-free driving experience

In the event of a covered incident, our Car Care Plan Alloy Insurance provides a hassle-free claims process, allowing you to get back on the road with minimal disruption. Whether you are navigating city streets or exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations, our Alloy Insurance is designed to keep your wheels protected and your driving experience worry-free. Choose Car Care Plan for comprehensive coverage that ensures your alloy wheels remain as striking as the day you drove your vehicle off the lot.

If you would like to learn more about our Alloy Insurance then please call any member of our sales team, they are awaiting your call.