FordPass 2.0

The FordPass 2.0 app, is Ford’s way of helping you keep going, when you’re on the move. With loads of helpful features to make your journeys easier, give you instant access to your important information or even hiring a van painlessly. The Ford Pass App is broken down into several easy to use sections;

My Vehicle – Add a vehicle, view maintenance schedule and other vehicle information.

My Dealer – You have the ability to select your favourite dealer on the app, giving you direct access to our website and the ability to book your services at a touch of a button.

Ford Credit – Here you have the ability to access your account information, make payments or get a settlement quote on the go.

Park - Keeps you up to date with the availability of parking, costs and opening hours. As well as giving you the option to mark the location of your car.

Guide – The guide section of the Pass App enables you chat with a guide through any questions you might have about your vehicle, either via a message or on the phone. You also have instant access to roadside assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for anything for fuel delivery to vehicle recovery.

Message Centre - Receive timely messages such as important notifications and services needed.

Perks - Benefits and rewards will be available soon. Watch this space.

Remote Features - The All-New Focus and select All-New Fiesta will also come with remote capabilities; Remote Lock/Unlock, Remote Start (All-New Ford Focus Auto Transmission Only)

Download – You can download the Ford Pass App straight to your phone, on an Android device through Google Play, or on an Apple device through the App Store.

Download and give it a go!